Background Screening

“The wrong relationship will result in damages to your financial viability, your reputation, your employee morale and may even put you out of business. Working closely with multinational organizations to small businesses, Subrosa Investigations helps companies protect themselves through the careful selection of employees, vendors, and acquiree management teams…”

Whether hiring personnel, retaining contractors or acquiring companies and their management teams, a background screening is one of the most effective (and financially-sound) ways to protect your business. On behalf of our clients, we conduct:

* Investment Specific Background Checks: We conduct in-depth background checks of key management and advisors within the investment industry. When conducting these highly-specialized investigations, we utilize sophisticated analytical processes that can reveal any inconsistencies or hidden details that would prevent our clients from entering into an investment responsibly. Our reach extends to the private equity and venture capital communities, hedge funds and investment advisers and commercial lenders.  Learn More

* Vendor-Supplier Checks: Detailed screening of vendors and suppliers is critical to any in-house procurement process. Our focus is on potential liabilities that can disturb your operations and business relationships.No matter the vendor or supplier type, we investigate a broad range of companies and their principals ranging from family-owned intrastate landscaping businesses to large interstate construction suppliers.


* Pre-Employment Checks: One of the most effective and affordable form of protection for your business is in the proper selection of employees and contractors.Researching the personal and professional backgrounds of prospective employees enables employers to avoid high-risk hires, such as individuals/businesses with a history of illegal or unacceptable behavior. As experts in pre-employment background checks, we will tailor a specialized program for your company to help mitigate the risks due to the wrong hire.


* Litigation Background Checks: Our expert investigative practices extend to the discovery phase of a legal proceeding. We understand that our clients seek out to mitigate risk and damages. As such, we undertake critical intelligence and fact-gathering to develop the supporting evidence through our specialized litigation background checks. Our experienced team adheres to local, state and federal laws.


We carefully evaluate the details of your needs to determine the most effective ways to accomplish your background checks as rapidly and economically as possible.

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