Litigation Support

“Highly-skilled, experienced professional investigators often discover or elicit information and insight that would otherwise have remained undetected or unrevealed. In fact, they often make the difference between a case won and a case lost."

Subrosa Investigators are highly skilled in collecting, organizing and analyzing supporting documentary evidence on behalf of our clients in all types of cases. We work with photographs and diagrams of accident scenes, license examinations and public records to "paint a full picture" of both the facts of an incident and the participants. Armed with this information, our clients are best prepared to defend themselves or their legal positions with confidence and authority.

Our litigation support services include investigations of any classification, regardless of practice, and include but are not limited to:

*   Insurance Investigations: As accident claims continue to rise, businesses and insurance carriers routinely confront situations in which the circumstances of an accident, or the claimant’s injury or failure to recuperate, are suspicious. Specializing in insurance claims investigation, Subrosa Investigations provides a number of investigative services supporting: Suspected Fraud; Exaggerated Claims & Malingering; Property & Casualty Claims; Commercial & Non-Commercial Claims; Business Related Loss; Residential Burglary; Property Loss; Vehicle Theft; Bodily Injury; and Fire Loss Claims.We place the highest priority on setting and maintaining a standard of excellence in our presentation of such testimony through meticulously prepared documentation and videotape evidence along with our investigator's independent recollections and forthright professional demeanour.


*   Intellectual Property Investigations: SShielding intellectual property has become increasingly complex as theft costs businesses billions of dollars per year. We have extensive experience in identifying the source of intellectual property theft beyond the middleman through expert intelligence-gathering and undercover operations. Subrosa Investigators strategically partner with local law enforcement agencies and private monitoring organizations across the globe to identify and seize counterfeited merchandise, as well as properly maintain the chain of evidence.


*      Asset Investigations: We are experts in the research, investigation and planning necessary for successful asset searches. Over many years, Subrosa Investigations has developed a proprietary analytical process for asset searching and recovering assets that enables us to locate concealed and undisclosed assets and to assist clients in successfully recovering assets that are lawfully theirs. We conduct cost-effective asset searches during the evaluation phase of a legal strategy, in anticipation of a prejudgment or in connection with an awarded judgment. Our extensive knowledge of fraudulent activity and continually updated awareness of asset protection legislation are vital components to ensuring successful asset searching and recovering assets.


*   Surveillance: Judges juries, and opposing counsel find photographic and videotaped evidence more compelling and convincing than any other type of evidence. When appropriate and authorized, Subrosa may assign an investigative team to engage in surveillance, observing and documenting pertinent activity and gathering crucial information, using state-of-the-art photographic and/or video equipment.We place the highest priority on setting and maintaining a standard of excellence in our presentation of such testimony, through meticulously prepared videotape evidence along with our investigator's independent recollections and forthright professional demeanor.


*   Statement Acquisition: Witnesses and principal parties to specific events under investigation can be elusive and uncooperative.Locating them is merely the first challenge; pinning them down to the facts is the next. Once located, witnesses may provide dissimilar accounts of the same event, depending upon many variables. The interviewer's objectivity, thoroughness and skill often mean the difference between a statement that elicits the most truthful and accurate information and one that fails in this regard. For these reasons, Subrosa places a premium on the training, education and responsiveness of its investigators who are assigned to conduct statement interviews. In addition, we provide our clients with the most rapid turn-around time possible from the date of assignment, particularly when the perceptions and memories of occurrence witnesses are at stake.


*      Undercover Operations: Undercover operations are usually the most time- and cost- effective way to clearly identify those who steal, defraud or use/distribute illegal narcotics on company premises during working hours.  Using an undercover agent, we can precisely document the internal activities of a company and uncover any dishonest or criminal activity, halting their efforts.


*      Pretext ("Sting") Operations: Subrosa Investigators possess extensive, successful experience in creating and executing pretexts ("stings") to obtain compelling evidence of employee merchandise and/or corporate trade secrets theft. We use fictitious identities and develop scenarios to identify dishonest employees who may be selling their employer's stolen product or proprietary information on the black market.


*      Electronic Eavesdropping Detection: Electronic eavesdropping devices ("bugs") are not the exclusive province of the movie industry or of the international espionage agencies. Instead, they are a surprising reality in our corporate world. Whenever a client feels that the integrity of a telephone system or the confidentiality of conversations may be compromised, we can perform an efficient, thorough "sweep" of offices, boardrooms and other work areas.

We carefully evaluate the details of your case to determine the most effective ways to accomplish the goals of the investigation as rapidly and economically as possible.

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