Corporate Investigations

Subrosa Investigations employs multiple approaches to detect, deter, and/or apprehend suspects responsible for criminal acts or misconduct.  We are experts in legal strategy and work in conjunction with in-house and outside counsel to formulate the most discreet and effective solutions.

Our Corporate Investigations services include but are not limited to:

Organized Retail Crime Investigations: ORC thefts are costly crimes that continuously affect retailers nationwide.  Subrosa Investigations' Organized Retail Crime division offers services that help in developing, investigating, and closing ORC cases specific to the retailer's desires.  From developing cases on suspects to investigating a complete fence operation, Subrosa Investigators assist retailers in avoiding potentially violent robberies by building a case and bringing down organized crime rings.  In addition to conducting the investigations, Subrosa offers ORC training to teach retailers how to proactively combat Organized Retail Crime.

Intellectual Property Rights: Shielding intellectual property has become increasingly complex as theft costs businesses billions of dollars per year.  We have extensive experience in identifying the source of intellectual property theft beyond the middleman through expert intelligence-gathering and undercover operations.  Subrosa Investigators strategically partner with local law enforcement agencies and private monitoring organizations across the globe to identify and seize counterfeited merchandise, as well as properly maintain the chain of evidence.

Employee Theft:  Even though each of us would like to believe in the integrity and good faith of our employees, and that our workplaces are free of criminal activity, that just is not the case.  The damage and lost productivity caused by these abuses is well documented.  Employee dishonesty costs American businesses more than $50 billion dollars annually and significantly undermines job satisfaction and feelings of good will among honest, loyal employees, who begin to fear for their own safety and the future of their jobs.

On an ongoing basis, we carefully evaluate the details of your case to determine the most effective ways to accomplish the goals of the investigation as rapidly and economically as possible.

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