Top 5 FREE Websites

In investigations you have to think outside the box and figure out unique ways to use resources. Here are our top 5 FREE website picks.

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a free and anonymous way to find out who called you from a random phone number. Instead of calling the unknown number back, you can type it in to Spy Dialer where you have the option of hearing the voice mail message attached to the number.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Using the “Print Your Receipt” function, enter a person’s last name and driver’s license number, and it will pull all rentals for that person in the last six months.  It is a sneaky way to make sure someone was where they said they were.

Google Image Search

Upload or drag a photo into the search bar and Google will search the Internet for every place the photo appears.  Very helpful to uncover dating scams and catfishing, as many scammers use the same photos for different profiles.


The CARFAX Report Search allows you to search by VIN or by entering the license plate and state for the vehicle. For free, you can find out the make, model and year of the car.  This is particularly helpful in Arizona as our DMV records do not list the vehicle’s model.


The WayBackMachine is a Web Archiving Tool that captures aged web data.   It is a great way to validate a company’s business model throughout time.  Older versions of company sites can show past employees, board members and other key personnel.  Check out what your domain name looked like before you purchased it; find old versions of a manufactures website for troubleshooting tips on an old product.

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