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It’s not a coincidence that most asset searches yield minimal or barely useful information.  By the time a settlement is reached or a judgment is awarded, there is a good possibility that the person whose assets are in question are … Continue reading

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In an attempt to establish a safe work environment many employers understand the importance of pre-employment criminal background checks.  However, just because a candidate passes a criminal background check does not mean their background is clean. Employers who neglect the … Continue reading

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When it is 117 degrees outside and 130 degrees inside your vehicle, the sun has been beating down for countless hours, surveillance is not like the movies.  People do all sorts of weird things when they think no one is … Continue reading

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Naturally there are differences in cultures which arise in all aspects of our daily lives.  Certainly that is true in the field of investigations.  Recognizing those differences and understanding their implications can be critical to any investigation.  For instance, an … Continue reading

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Buyers beware, not all asset investigations are equal.  Using one of the “free” or cheap asset investigations on the Internet will not provide maximum results.  The cheap internet sites contain dated, incomplete information, and certainly do not paint an accurate … Continue reading

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